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Car Drives Into Lobby Of Sonora Bank

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Sonora, CA — Shortly before four o’clock this afternoon a vehicle came crashing through the front window of Guaranty Bank in the Junction Shopping Center in Sonora.

“We had an elderly woman who was parked in front of the bank and became confused about which pedal she was using,” says Highway Patrol Officer Rick Thoma.Officers examine the accident in the Junction Shopping Center

“Inadvertently she drove the car through the front of the bank and ended up in the lobby.”

84-year-old Imogene Muriel Parks of Jamestown thought she was applying pressure to the brake, but was actually stepping on the gas. Also in the car was 80-year-old William Shaw of Jamestown.

A tow truck operator works to pull the car out of the Guaranty Bank lobby

The two were not injured, nor was anyone hurt who was inside the bank. Guaranty Bank was immediately closed for the afternoon following the accident.

Officers with the Highway Patrol and Sheriff’s Office responded.

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