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Protecting Pipes During Freezing Conditions

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Sonora, CA– With temperatures expected to drop tonight into the upper 20’s in the Mother Lode, the Tuolumne Utilities District is urging customers to make sure their home and property are ready to withstand freezing conditions.

“Taking time now to do some preventive measures can save water customer’s money and inconvenience should their pipes freeze,” said Pete Kampa, General Manager for TUD.

TUD recommends wrapping pipes in insulating material to prevent freezing. Pipes should also be covered with plastic and secure tape, string, or wire. Garden hoses should be disconnected. During freezing weather it’s also very important to store extra water just in case a main break or frozen pipe cuts off your water supply.

It’s important to know where your main water shut-off valve is located. If a pipe breaks, you can stop excessive water loss and flooding by turning off the main water shut-off valve. It is commonly located next to the meter, in the garage, or outdoors by the foundation. Also, never leave water running through the pipes as it could create a larger mess if a pipe breaks.

For more information on what to do if pipes are frozen or for water emergencies, visit the TUD website at

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