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A Day Of Healing

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Sonora, CA– This Saturday is National Suicide Survivor Day, a day of healing for those who have lost someone to suicide.

According to Kellae Brown of Sonora’s Suicide Prevention Task Force, the suicide rate in Tuolumne County for those under the age of 30, has been extremely high. Brown says this is a difficult demographic because this age group tends not to talk to professionals or seek help.

Last year the highest suicide rate was among residents between the ages of 45 and 60. Brown says this demographic is usually made up of people who are isolated, have access to guns, may have a serious illness, or have suffered the loss of a job or a partner.

“As a community the biggest prevention we can have with suicide is just simply talking with each other and checking in,” said Brown. “So if you have a neighbor who maybe lost their spouse, go over and just check in, invite them to Thanksgiving dinner. Tell them that you care and are willing to listen.”

For more information on Suicide Prevention classes, call Kellae Brown at the Center For A Non-Violent Community at (209) 588-9305 X114 or visit

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