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Cogdill Supports Water Vote Postponement

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Sacramento, CA — It will be another couple of years before Californians vote on the proposed $11.1 billion water package.

The legislature has approved Governor Schwarzenegger’s request to stall a vote until 2012. Proponents of the water package, which was set to go before voters in November, feared it wouldn’t pass due to the slow economy and the $19 billion state deficit.

Republican Senator Dave Cogdill, who authored the original water bond legislation, supports the postponement.

“I’d argue few people would like to see this investment happen sooner than I would, but timing’s everything,” says Cogdill. “With a little more time, voters will understand how the well-being of our economy and the livelihood of our citizens rely upon having enough water to meet our state’s growing needs now and into the future.”

The Legislature worked late into the night Monday before it passed two bills delaying the bond vote.


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