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McClintock Opposes ‘Dreamers’ Immigration Bill

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Washington, DC — Congressman Tom McClintock is criticizing Democrats in the House of Representatives for passing a bill that would grant citizenship to over 2-million people undocumented and in the country illegally.

It passed 237-187 in the Democratically controlled House, with only seven Republicans in favor, and it now moves to the Senate for consideration. McClintock, a Republican who represents the Mother Lode, says, “Instead of taking the simple measures necessary to secure our borders and reserve our asylum laws for the truly persecuted, the House meets today to grant blanket amnesty to roughly 2 ½ million illegal aliens, encouraging millions more that they, too, can violate our borders with impunity.”

Democratic leaders argued that the bill would protect young immigrants, often referred to as dreamers, brought into the country illegally as children, from deportation. They noted it is also designed to shield those whose home country is being ravaged by wars and natural disasters.

McClintock continued, “The Democrats have long advocated for providing free services for illegals: free health care, legal counsel, education, food and housing – all paid by American taxpayers.  They deny they support illegal immigration, yet they heap rewards on those who illegally immigrate.”

The White House has also criticized the House legislation. You can view his speech by clicking the word “expand” in the photo box and then click to advance.