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Cities Lose Funding

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Sonora, CA — The City of Sonora is set to lose over $383,000 now that a court has ruled that Governor Schwarzenegger has the ability to take redevelopment funds from local municipalities.

"I think it is just a further example of how our government is out of control," says Greg Applegate, Sonora City Administrator. "It is totally dysfunctional, and things like this make it extremely difficult to carry out programs."

The state will be taking $2 billion in redevelopment funds from municipalities throughout California to help balance the budget now that a Sacramento County Superior Court Judge has ruled that it is within legal boundaries.

"They’re taking the money out of our community and balancing their budget on our backs," states Applegate.

Meanwhile, officials in Angels Camp say that the ruling will not have a significant effect on their city, because they currently do not have a redevelopment department.

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