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South County Concerns

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Don Pedro, CA — Law enforcement and roads proved to be the chief topics of discussion at the Wednesday evening Town Hall meeting at the Hacienda.

Fourth District Supervisor John Gray stated that often times the people of the south county feel they get the short end of the stick because they are so removed from the Hwy 108 corridor.

One item unique to the area was the residents concern of the approximate 40 miles of horse and foot trails. The residents commented they would like to see some improvement in those trails. Gray added there is a group (Don Pedro Trail Blazers) that is trying to work with the county in an effort to make the trails safer and more accessible. The group feels if the trails were in better shape more people would come to the south county area.

The final Town Hall meeting regarding the development of a Five Year Strategic Plan will be hosted by District Two Supervisor Paolo Maffei next Wednesday evening at 6:30 at the Phoenix Lake County Club.

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