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Eliminate 1,500 Jobs

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Sacramento, CA — 15-hundred jobs should be cut at Caltrans.

That’s the consensus of the non-partisan Legislative Analyst’s Office. According to the Sacramento Bee the L.A.O.’s office commented, "Given that there is little concrete evidence that the program’s output has declined due to furloughs, the program appears to be overstaffed by as much as 15 percent."

The L.A.O. also determined that the program’s budget lacks sufficient workload justification. The L.A.O. added that eliminating 15-hundred of the 10,359 Capital Outlay Support positions would save roughly $200 million in special state and federal funds that could be used for project construction.

The L.A.O. also said the savings would have no direct impact on the general fund budget. Bruce Blanning of Professional Engineers in State Government labeled the report "outrageously irresponsible." That group represents 13,000 construction professionals.

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