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Fuller Continues Legal Push

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Columbia, CA – Republican District 14 Senate candidate Heidi Fuller is continuing her fight over an article of the constitution.

Fuller had filed a petition with the 3rd District Court of Appeals in Sacramento asking that an article be enforced that requires candidates for state office to live in their particular district for one year. At question was rival Tom Berryhill’s decision to run for the District 14 seat after moving into the district a few months ago.

The petition was denied by the Court of Appeals earlier today. According to Fuller, the court did not rule on the merits of the case, but rather, instructed that the petition be filed in the superior court for adjudication.

Fuller has released a statement reading, "It’s a little disappointing, but we will file the petition at the superior court tomorrow and ask for expedited process to avoid any delay."

Berryhill has stated that he feels it is a "frivolous lawsuit."


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