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Road Closure Scheduled

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Sonora, CA — A road closure has been scheduled by the C.H.P. Wednesday in order to make way for the clearing of a "dumping ground."

Officer Mike Remmel reports that Wards Ferry Rd. from Yosemite Rd. to Deer Flat Rd. will be closed from 8am to 5pm for the removal of abandoned vehicles. Hwy 120 has been listed as the best alternative route as through traffic will not be permitted. Homeowners within that stretch of roadway including Richards Ranch will be allowed access and egress from their residences.

Remmel adds that this particular area is a favorite for individuals who simply want to dump their vehicles either because they are stolen or the owners don’t want to pay to have the vehicles properly disposed of by qualified personnel.

According to the C.H.P. at least five vehicles will be removed. At the same time Remmel adds that there may be more vehicles in the gorge that are not easily recognizable.

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