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Applegate Anticipates Challenges Ahead

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Sonora City Administrator Greg Applegate presented his State of the City address to the City Council earlier this week.

Applegate was Friday’s KVML “Newsmaker of the Day”.

It looks to be a tough year ahead for municipalities due to the down economy and potential cuts handed down from the state. Local cities and counties continue to wait on the trickle down from the state Legislature when it comes to revenues.

“We continue to keep our head above water, but we have lost some of our reserve,” says Applegate. “We have trimmed back frozen positions and not passed along cost-of-living increases, so there are a lot of things we are trying to do to make up for a lack of revenue.”

Applegate said that he used four indicators during his presentation before the council.

First was an economic indicator. Second was a finance indicator. Third is a project indicator and finally wrapped up all three indicators with other variables and challenges in dealing with the State of California. 

Applegate concludes that the best way to get out of the current economic slump will be through business and the creation of new jobs

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