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Look Who’s Running For 25th District Assembly Seat

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Sonora, CA — It’s Tuolumne County Third District Supervisor Teri Murrison, that’s who!

Murrison announced her candidacy today stating that, "As you know from my work on the Board of Supervisors, I listen carefully to you, spend your money wisely, have a broad range of qualifications and do my homework. I’ve worked to increase transparency, accountability, make sound decisions and be your champion on the Board. I’m well prepared to serve in the Assembly. 

Will I leave the Board? Absolutely not. I will continue to represent the Third District and the county as a whole with all my heart. Granted I will have to take a few hours to organize my campaign but serving on the Board will be my top priority until November.

I definitely think that I can make a difference while so many have failed in Sacramento. First I know me and secondly if we don’t have people willing to stand up for what is right in California then we are going to become a federal state. I believe a revolution is right around the corner … not a revolution with guns and knives but a revolution at the ballot box come November."

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