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Governor Brown Cuts Costs

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In a move to make government more efficient and reduce unnecessary costs, Governor Jerry Brown issued an Executive Order directing the state’s agencies and departments to review the approximately 2,600 annual reports they are required to submit to the Legislature, and identify those that are no longer useful or necessary.

Brown was Tuesday’s KVML “Newsmaker of the Day”.

“My administration remains committed to keeping the Legislature informed, but churning out 2,600 annual reports – some ordered more than two decades ago – is a waste of time and money,” Brown said. “All state agencies and departments have been asked to take a closer look at these reports and will work with the Department of Finance and the Legislature to get rid of those that are no longer needed.”

Under the Executive Order, agency secretaries and department directors will prepare a list of all reports that they are required to submit to the Legislature, and identify those that may no longer be of significant value. Each agency and department will report its findings to the Department of Finance.

The Department of Finance will then review the findings and work with the Legislature to determine whether specific reports should be discontinued.

This directive follows an Executive Order issued last week to cut costs, increase efficiency by using honest, common-sense budgeting methods.

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