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Background Info On Candidates Goes Too Far

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Sonora, CA – Mother Lode residents voted in an informal three day poll regarding the “dirt” reported on those running for public office. The majority (47%) said that when it comes to digging up dirt on candidates, “Most goes too far.”

On October 20th a local Straw Poll at the Tuolumne County Republican Central Committee’s annual picnic favored Herman Cain in the race for President. Cain has since suspended his presidential bid amid sexual harassment allegations and charges of long-term infidelity. Newt Gingrich remains in the race despite details of his past relationships being made more public. 

Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are the expected front runners in the one caucus and three republican primaries happen in January starting with Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida. California’s Primary is held on June 5th.

In the last California State Primary on June 8th 2010, Tuolumne and Calaveras County reported 52% voter turnout, the state’s average was 33%.

The November 2nd 2010 election 61% of registered Tuolumne County voters, and 53% of Calaveras County voters took part. Statewide voter turnout in that election was 42%.

The November 2nd election results are on our Elections Page.