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Community College Tuition Going Up

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Sacramento, CA– Starting this summer it will cost more to attend a California community college.

It’s the result of the recent state trigger cuts to education announced by Governor Jerry Brown this week.

The cuts include up to $100 million each to the University of California and California State University. Community colleges will lose $102 million, for a total loss this year of $502 million from the system’s $5.9 billion budget.

Columbia College President Dr. Dennis Gervin says unfortunately community college tuition will increase.

“Tuition is going up to $46 a unit,” said Gervin. “It’s currently at $36. It’s another challenge for students coming through, between the units and the books and everything else, it’s going to be a challenge.”

New tuition fees are effective May 2012.  A student taking 15 units, will now pay $150 more a semester.

While Gervin says the trigger cuts were expected, he’s optimistic for Columbia College.

“The reaction is not a surprise,” said Gervin. “We’re really fortunate that we have a chancellor and a board that as soon as we heard about the trigger cuts, we planned for the worst case scenario. It’s going to save us now. All the funds needed to help us make it through these cuts are put aside from the beginning. The district will make it through this fine. We’ve planned for it.”