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Denham: President’s Proposal Is Class Warfare

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Sonora, CA — Republican Congressman Jeff Denham does not plan to support President Obama’s $447 billion jobs plan.

Denham, who represents District 19, made the statement on Mother Lode Views over the weekend.

“It is just another blank check,” said Denham. “It doesn’t fund the things that we need, whether its water storage, being able to improve Highway 99 and other highways — it doesn’t include those types of expenditures.”

Denham said that President Obama’s call to increase taxes on the wealthy, in order to pay for the jobs package, equates to “class warfare.”

Denham did, however, praise the President’s idea to sell off unused federal properties. He also supports the call to approve new trade agreements with countries like Panama, Columbia and South Korea.

President Obama spoke about the Jobs Plan in his weekly radio address. To read the speech in its entirety, click here.

You can listen to Denham’s appearance on Mother Lode Views by clicking on the multimedia section of starting Tuesday morning.


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