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Spellman Claims “Sour Grapes”

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Sonora, CA — A group is trying to recall Calaveras County Supervisor Darren Spellman.

Rancho Calaveras resident Michael McDaniel recently served Spellman notice that he is the subject of a recall campaign. The official notice of intent lists reasons like Spellman’s announcement that he was planning to run for Congress just months after becoming a Supervisor, and allegedly leaving meetings early to attend political rallies to improve a bid for higher office. It also argues that Spellman should not have voted recently to cut funding for a Veterans Services position.

Spellman has filed an official response with the county elections office. Spellman believes that he is the subject of a “personal political vendetta,” as McDaniel supported the incumbent Supervisor (Russ Thomas) in the last election. Spellman also writes, “This is nothing more than sour grapes by a group of people not willing to accept the person you elected in last November’s legitimate election.”

If the notice of intent is certified by the county elections office, proponents of the recall would have 90 days to acquire signatures of the needed 1,600 voters in the fifth district. That would be 25 percent of the district’s 6,700 voters. It would then go to the ballot for voters to decide.