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Source Of Fraud Identified

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Jamestown, CA — 330 reports of credit card fraud have been reported in Tuolumne County since May.

The Sheriff’s Office reports that an unknown computer hacker was able to remotely hack into the database at the Jamestown Day’O Coffee business and install malicious software. The information was then likely sold online and used to create false debit cards for fraudulent purposes.

The Sheriff’s Office says the possibility of the hacker being an employee at Day’O, or that of their payment processing company, has been ruled out.

It is possible that all the information collected by this virus has not been used to date. The Sheriff’s Office recommends that credit and ATM card users continue to monitor their statements closely for any fraudulent activity.

The Sheriff’s Office states that the business is now working to improve the security of the system software. Day’O has been fully cooperating with the investigation. Other agencies involved in the investigation included the FBI, Secret Service, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Titan Technology.