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Council Gives Budget Direction

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Sonora, CA – Cuts are needed to balance the City of Sonora’s budget.

The City Council held a workshop this week to discuss the budget for the next fiscal year.

“The budget currently contains a 239 thousand dollar deficit,” says Tim Miller, City Administrator. “The Council has made it clear that this year they will not consider adopting a budget that contains a deficit and gave us direction to go back and come up with additional cuts. So, we’ll be reviewing programs, services, personnel and operating costs.”

Miller will present a revised budget to the City Council at the meeting on June 20th. A public hearing will be held at that time. At this point there are no planned layoffs or worker furloughs, but that will be reassessed in the coming weeks. However, one member of the Police Department is expected to be shifted to a different position.

The City has just under 40 fulltime employees, which includes the Police Department.