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Denham Creating Timber Task Force

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Sonora, CA — District 19 Congressman Jeff Denham says he is looking for ways to help the timber industry in the Mother Lode. Tuolumne County will soon have two operating mills once Sierra Pacific Industries has its Standard Mill back online. Denham, a Republican, has been a critic of regulations placed on the industry.

“I sit on the right federal committees, but I certainly don’t have all the solutions,” says Denham. “I’m looking for professionals within the industry to help provide a lot of the solutions that I can go fight for. We’re putting together a task force here in Tuolumne County, just of folks within the timber industry, to better understand some of the changes that could be made.”

Denham feels that federal regulations placed on the timber industry slow job growth and also create a fire risk because of the heavy fuels on forest land. Denham’s Congressional District 19 covers Tuolumne County.

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