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Wine Sales Are Up

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Murphys, CA– America is now the world’s leading wine-consuming nation.

According to the San Francisco-based Wine Institute, last year U.S residents surpassed France in consuming 330-million cases of wine. California wine accounted for 61 percent of the total in 2010.

“I think it’s great news and it’s not surprising,” said Spokesperson Carrie Nelson from the Calaveras Winegrape Alliance in Murphys. “I think for general health, we’ve all seen an increasing number of wine drinkers. Hopefully for the wine industry it will mean a continued increase in sales.”

The French still consume more wine per capita because of a larger population. U.S consumption was higher even though Americans didn’t consume as much individually. At the same time, wine exports increased almost 26 percent and 90 percent of the exports were from California.

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