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Denham Authors Water Storage Bill

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Washington, DC — Congressman Jeff Denham has introduced legislation to increase the capacity of Lake McClure in Mariposa County.

House Bill 869, introduced along with other Central Valley lawmakers, would modify the existing spillway at the New Exchequer Dam. The legislation would allow storage of water in Lake McClure during wet years, for two to eight weeks, rather than immediately release it downstream. HR 869 would create space for approximately 70,000 acre feet of additional water, which is enough to supply approximately 160,000 homes. It would also create an estimated 10,000 megawatt hours per year of renewable energy.

Denham states, “This bill will provide necessary water storage at no cost to the federal taxpayer, while increasing water available to farms and homes.”

Denham reports that HR 869 it has bi-partisan support.

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