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Family Of Murdered Student Sues Schwarzenegger

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Sacramento, CA– The family of Luis Santos, the student who was stabbed to death in San Diego just over two years ago, has filed a lawsuit against former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for violating their constitutional rights under “Marsy’s Law.”

The lawsuit seeks to reverse Schwarzenegger’s eleventh-hour communtation of Esteban Nunuz’s sentence in the fatal stabbing of Luis Santos and restore the full 16-year sentence on a variety of constitutional grounds.

The Santos lawsuit cites at least four violations of Marsy’s Law which amended California’s constitution in 2008 to protect the rights of crime victims including the right to truth in sentencing, truth in evidence, due process and notice rights.

Nunez is the son of Fabian Nunez, former Assembly speaker and a close ally of Schwarzenegger on reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.

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