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Tuolumne County Offers Rebate Program

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Sonora, CA – Now may be the right time to replace an old woodstove or fireplace.

The Tuolumne County Air Pollution Control District is offering a Woodstove Rebate Program to help residents replace old inefficient, higher polluting woodstoves or fireplaces with new cleaner burning gas, wood or pellet fired stoves or inserts.

“The Tuolumne County Air Pollution Control District has funding for approximately 45 stove rebates and that’s going to be dependent on the types of stoves that are going to be purchased by the public,” said Deputy Air Pollution Control Officer Bill Sandman. “For those purchasing gas stoves, we’re giving away a $500 rebate and for those buying wood or pellet stoves, we’re giving away a $400 rebate.”

Sandman says the rebate is available to any full-time Tuolumne County resident who replaces a non-EPA certified woodstove or fireplace in their home and installs a new EPA Phase II wood stove/insert or a gas or pellet stove/insert.

This program will start Monday, January 10th and end on December 31, 2011 or when all program funds are expended.  Participants must complete the registration process with the District and be eligible and approved for a rebate prior to purchasing a new stove or insert. They must also certify that their old woodstove/fireplace was operable in 2010.

Applications and information can be obtained by contacting the District office at 533-5693 or visiting the District’s website at .

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