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Columbia Board Member Resigns

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Columbia, CA – The resignation will be announced at tonight’s Columbia Elementary School Board meeting. Jeff Costello says a possible conflict of interest is the reason he stepped down from the board. He says the conflict has to do with his wife working for Columbia Elementary School.

Costello says, “Once we got confirmation that yes it could be possibly considered by some a conflict of interest for her to get a promotion while I am on the board, that’s when I was like, whoa wait a minute, I don’t want to stand in the way of her getting a promotion.” He adds, “It was a hard decision. It’s a great school. My kids have a great time at that school, but there are lots of ways to participate, like PTA. There’s lot of things I’ll be doing even though I won’t be on the board.”

Columbia Elementary School Superintendant John Pendley says, “Costello was a good board member who was committed to the district and he will be missed.”  Pendley adds now the board has two options, “One is to call for a special election and the other is to make a provisional appointment. Typically boards choose the provisional appointment because the cost of a special election is not something the district can afford.”

Costello’s resignation was effective October 31st. Also, the face of the board has already changed since two new members were elected November 6th. They are Jo Rodefer and Danese Pimentel.

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