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Speed Up Through Strawberry?

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Caltrans is planning to increase the speed limit on Highway 108 through Strawberry.

The speed limit currently drops to 40 mph in the commercial zone of Strawberry near Herring Creek Lane. It is the area near the Strawberry Store and the post office. Caltrans is planning to increase the speed limit to 45 mph, after a Speed Zone Survey found that most drivers were already traveling at that speed. Also, the collision rate is lower than the statewide average. There have been two vehicle accidents at the location over the past three years, and neither was speed related.

The Tuolumne County Supervisors are concerned about the plan, and have decided to write a letter to CALTRANS citing safety issues. It states, “A restaurant, bar, lodging establishment, and an access road that serves a number of rental cabins, are located on the south side of SR 108 and are frequented year-round. This side of the highway also provides pedestrian access to the river and to a larger residential area located further to the south. Within the area proposed for the increased speed limit is a narrow bridge over the Stanislaus River and a curve that restricts visibility by motorists of the commercial facilities and pedestrians.”

The letter asking Caltrans to reconsider its proposal was sent 5-0. The Chamber of Commerce and the Tuolumne County Transportation Council have submitted similar letters in opposition.

To view a map of the area, click here.