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Disease Outbreak At Local School

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Jenny Lind, CA — A school in Calaveras County is experiencing an outbreak of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.

The Calaveras County Health Department reports that eight cases of HFMD have been identified in students at Jenny Lind Elementary School. HFMD is a viral disease that causes fever, skin rash, red spots and sores in the mouth.

Calaveras County Health Officer Dr. Dean Kelaita says most children and adults recover from HFMD within 7-10 days. “People should rest and drink liquids to avoid dehydration,” says Dr. Kelaita.

HFMD typically starts with a fever and sore throat, and the red spots develop one or two days later. The best way to stop the spread is to keep children home from school, wash hands thoroughly and disinfect toy surfaces. HFMD is highly contagious, but complications are rare. Those that develop neck stiffness, fever or a headache are advised to seek medical attention.