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Sonora CA – This week’s polls were related to environmental issues that were in the local news.

The first poll question was related to two news stories; Feds Consider Protecting Rare Fox, and then the follow up Rare Fox Spotted In Tuolumne County.

The poll showed that 10% more of the 545 votes were in favor of giving the Sierra Nevada Red Fox get Endangered Species protection. Several comments made on the news stories were against such protection.

Another poll related to the news story Forest Service Could Receive Lyons Property asked, “What is the best use of PG&E’s donated 628 acres around Lyons Dam Reservoir?” The choices of camping and hunting were selected from comments on the news story. At this time 57% of the votes are for opening the land to some form of recreation which beat out “remain undeveloped” by 15%.

Past poll results can be seen in our archive here.