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Olsen Optimistic About Railtown

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Jamestown, CA — 25th District Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen is part of a group hoping to keep Railtown 1897 open.

The state is scheduled to close the Jamestown state park next summer, but a group of government and community leaders in Tuolumne County is looking at ways to keep it open past June 30. “We’re working very hard,” stated Olsen, on Mother Lode Views over the weekend.

She says the park has among the largest group of volunteers in the state, and has great community pride.

“They need the flexibility and opportunity to keep entrance fees local, to reinvest in Railtown,” adds Olsen. “That’s one of the things we’re working on.”

Olsen says to keep Railtown open, it will likely require financial help from the individuals, corporations and the county. “The tricky thing is that it’s costly to operate, about $400,000 a year,” she adds. “I hope at the end of the day we’ll be successful.”

More information about a plan to keep Railtown open is expected to be released over the coming weeks. It is not immediately known what that plan will exactly entail.

Olsen’s entire Mother Lode Views segment is now available to listen to in the multimedia section of