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Tap Hike Vote

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San Andreas, CA – Thousands of protest letters aren’t enough to stop a proposed water rate hike for Calaveras County Water District customers. The District says as of July 3rd they had received 1,561 valid written protests against the proposed water hike and 821 against the sewer rate jump. The District has 12,725 tap and 4,790 wastewater customers. CCWD Officials say they are still counting the letters that must be received by tomorrow, but say, at this point, they are far from the 50 plus one needed to automatically turn off the rate hikes.
There have also been three town hall meetings on the rates, overflowing with irate customers. Now it will be up to the District’s five Directors to decide if the rates go up. The District’s Board of Directors will vote at after a public hearing tomorrow on the five year plan that will increase both residential and commercial customer’s rates by 69% for water and 62% for sewer. The proposal calls for an $11 tap and $10 wastewater jump each month in the first year alone.

Customers can still speak out at Wednesday’s 9am public hearing being held at 423 E. St. Charles Street in San Andreas. The Board does have the option of voting for the proposed hike or it can implement a lower rate.

The District has cited capital improvement costs as the major reason for the rate changes. The rate hike will pay for repairs and the replacement of existing water and wastewater infrastructure. It will also fund State mandated multi-million dollar upgrade to the District’s Copper Cove Wastewater Treatment Facility, as well as, operations, maintenance, and debt service over the next five years.

Click here for the CCWD’s rate proposal information.

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