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Sonora, CA — Two goats are dead and now a Sonora resident wants to warn her neighbors. Cheryl Lee says it happened last night on Crystal Falls Drive west near Phoenix Lake Drive and Twain Harte. One goat, Daisy was missing and after looking for hours her husband found her near their electric fence dead. Lee says it looked like a large animal had attacked Daisy. The couple has two other goats so they secured them in the barn or so they thought. Around 11:30p.m., her husband checked the barn one last time before bed and found another goat, Pan was missing.

Lee says, “We turned the flood lights on and went looking for Pan. We found him down close to where we found Daisy dead. Pan had his horns wrapped in the electric fence wire and he had been attacked and killed.”

There is a six foot fence around the property and Lee believes the big cat jumped the fence. Now she wants to warn neighbors of the danger.

“Be careful! Keep your pets in, watch your children. These goats weighed a lot, Pan weighed about 150 pounds easily, Daisy maybe a 90 to 100 pounds. This had to be a large animal to do what it did and quickly and so silently. The neighbors who live nearby did not hear anything, but they say their dogs were very nervous, Wednesday and Thursday nights. We haven’t seen deer up her for a few days.”

Lee has contacted the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Department and the Wildlife, Fish and Game Department who told them to contact the local animal control who is working with the couple.
The Lee’s have one more goat Romper, who is a male, and they believe he was spared because he has a big bell on his collar that rings.

Click here for a map of the area where the goats were killed.