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Grants for Parks and Recreation

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Executive Director Sonora Area Foundation Ed Wyllie writes a new blog on the grants that have been awarded to parks in Tuolumne.

The blog details what has happened with Railtown 1987 since money from grants and the state helped it stay open.

He also speaks about the Sonora Dome Fields Renovation Project and, to the North of and adjacent to the Dome Fields project, Lions Park. Lions Park was originally dedicated in 1982 and was awarded a grant by the Irving J. Symons Trustees Fund. Wyllie talks about the improvements and reports there are several picnic tables and BBQs located in the shade for community use.

Wyllie also congratulates Tuolumne City for creating “Little Oasis.” The shady piece of property adjacent to the Main Street horseshoe pits and ball field were acquired by the District with grant support from the Foundation.

Wyllie’s blog “Grants for Parks and Rec” is here.