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Hot Mother’s Day

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The National Weather Service says that strong high pressure over California will warm high temperatures Sunday as much as 20 degrees above normal.

People most susceptible to heat illness include children and the elderly, as well as people suffering from certain health conditions. These individuals should be closely monitored during times of extreme heat. For example, check up on an elderly family member or neighbor twice a day.

Keep in mind these additional tips during heat episodes:

*Drink plenty of fluids

*Stay out of the sun, or remain indoors with air-conditioning, if available

*Avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages such as coffee, soda and tea

*Use wet cloths or blue cooler packs on the face, wrists or neck for a quick cool-down

*Remember your pets. They need plenty of fresh drinking water and shade to be protected from extreme heat

*If heat illness occurs, contact your physician or call 911 immediately!