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Photos Of The Mother Lode Snow

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Sonora, CA — Pictures of a snow day are worth a thousand words, here is a collection from the major storm that closed local schools.

The photos show how much snow the area recieved, from five to nine inches and most fell from 3:00pm to 6:00pm on February 19. At 6:49am on the 20th, the Dodge Ridge report says 9 inches in the past 24 hours with a 42 inch base. A 5:27am Bear Valley report says 11 inches with a 66 inch base.

The bigger news is that several inches of snow piled up all the way down to Jamestown and Copperopolis.

Special thanks to Shila, Jeff Wittman, Darrell Slocum, Robert Reed, Melissa Noel, Alan Caron, Ashley Hampton, Connie Corcoran, Julie Bixler, Pam Cuneo, Debbie Shoemaker, Christina Bannerman, Carrie Carson, Monika Stattner, Salena Moyle, John Orlando, Misty Camarillo, Lisa Routh, Maryann Curmi, Malcolm Carden and Joe Marshall.

For a video of the snow this morning view “Snow in Sonora” here.

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