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Snow Shuts Down Mother Lode Roads

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Sonora, CA – As the sun sets, the snow continues to pile up and it seems like few motorists are going to get home.

There is a First aid station set up at 19969 Greenly Road for the motorists stuck on Greenly. The County Sheriffs office reports Mono way is also non navigable with out chains. Mono way between Restano and Sanguenetti Road is closed due to ice. The county sheriff reported 14 cars spun out at 4:30pm. The 108 bypass is “a parking lot” according to several personal accounts.

Highway 49 is closed and the worst is centered at Rawhide road and Mt. Brow. Individuals and CHP have been there for several hours with reports of 30 cars piled up.

There are 600 power outages.

The snow continues to fall, looking at the radar it should stop in a few hours. Officials strongly urge everyone to stay at work or home or school until conditions improve.

The school delay page has the most current information here.

Columbia Elementary after school program students are safe at school waiting for their parents to pick them up. Busses are delayed because of weather only one bus was reported in a ditch. There are 24 current reports of accidents by the CHP.