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Focus On Tuolumne County’s General Plan Update

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Sonora, CA — You can hear all about Tuolumne County’s General Plan update ahead of next week’s planning commission meeting.

The General Plan is considered a constitution for growth and development in the county.

The planning commission will hold a public hearing, and give a recommendation regarding the document, on Wednesday, December 19, at 4pm in the board of supervisors meeting room. The board of supervisors are then planning to take up the plan at the same location, and potentially adopt it, during a special meeting on Thursday, January 3, at 4pm.

This weekend’s Mother Lode Views will feature Tuolumne County Community Resources Agency Director David Gonzalves and the CRA Assistant Director of Development Quincy Yaley. They will give an overview of the plan, discuss its evolution, and address recent feedback received.

To view the General Plan Update, click here.

  • Quincy Yaley and David Gonzalves