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McClintock On Why He Voted No On Budget

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Washington, DC — Congressman Tom McClintock was one of the nay votes on the spending plan that ended a brief government shutdown last week, and he explains why.

It is the focus of his latest blog. The US House voted 240-186 in favor of the $400-billion spending plan, with a majority of the Republicans (167) in favor. It also easily passed in the Senate by a count of 71-28.

McClintock says, “This measure abandons any pretense of fiscal responsibility and increases federal spending caps by nearly $300 billion ($2,400 per household) over the next two years.  It sets up a structure that will allow Congress to bypass its own budget rules and extends a laundry list of subsidies and special-interest tax breaks.”

You can read the entire blog by clicking here. McClintock, a Republican, represents District Four, which spreads across the Sierra Nevada region.

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