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Pot’s Potential Economic Boost To Food And Unions

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Sacramento, CA — The marijuana industry could be cooking up some new business and in turn union jobs in anticipation of the world’s largest legal recreational marijuana market set to light the culinary world on fire in California on January 1st.

To tantalize the taste buds, chefs and investors have been busy whipping up an array of marijuana-infused food and beverages, weed-pairing supper clubs and other lavish pot-to-plate events for those 21 and older. The public can expect a slew of vegan and gluten-free choices, low-dose pot-laced snacks and dishes from cannabis-rubbed steaks to marijuana-infused tacos. Even stranger is where the delicious bites will be served up, according to industry officials, that detail the dishes will be found in cannabis-friendly gyms, Pilate studios or the latest trend escape rooms where team building is taught using clues, puzzles, and mysteries. The edible pot business is expected to bring in $100 million in sales next year.

Creating all those delectables will require a large work force and unions have caught a whiff of a rare opportunity to organize a whole new set of workers. See the potential boost to organized labor’s lagging membership, the United Farm Workers, Teamsters and United Food and Commercial Workers are looking to unionize the tens of thousands of potential workers involved in the legal weed game, from planters to rollers to sellers.


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