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California Population Hike

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Sacramento, CA — The number of people in the nation’s largest state jumped to nearly 40 million with births outpacing deaths.

California grew by just over 300,000 people during the year ending July 1, 2017, which puts the state’s total population at 39.6 million. On Thursday, the state Department of Finance released its annual county-by-county population estimates that range in size from 10.3 million in Los Angeles to just 1,100 people in Alpine.

Regarding the Mother Lode’s growth this year, the state finance office has projected that Tuolumne County’s population will grow to 55,099 people and Calaveras County will increase to 47,050. Office officials stress that this value is an estimate and not a count.

The state’s population growth spurt came from births outpacing deaths by 220,000. The state also got a bump from a net gain of 80,000 people from other states and countries. The largest numeric hikes were in Southern California counties, while the biggest percentage increases were in the Sacramento suburbs, the Inland Empire and the Central Valley.

  • California Department of Finance