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Discussion About Homeless Court On Task Force Agenda

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Sonora, CA — The City of Sonora’s Homeless Task Force will meet Thursday evening.

The group is tasked with reviewing issues and challenges surrounding the increasing homeless population, and look at potential solutions. The topics on the agenda this week include the possibility of starting a local homeless court, helping homeless residents return to the workforce, and revenue recovery. Homeless court’s are designed to help homeless residents resolve outstanding cases and infractions. Many times offenses have very high financial penalties that a homeless person cannot afford to pay, and unresolved infractions can bar people from housing and support services, leaving them with little choice but to continue to be homeless.

Members of Sonora’s homeless task force include council members Jim Garaventa and Matt Hawkins, ATCAA Director Raj Rambob, Interfaith Director Cathie Peacock, homeless advocate Jeanette Lambert and business representative Marianne Wright. The open to the public task force meeting will start at 5:30pm at Sonora City Hall.

  • Sonora City Hall