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New Law Requires Transparent Labeling For Mail Solicitations

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Sacramento, CA– Republican California Senator Kelly Seyarto announced the signing of SB 1096, a new law mandating clear labeling on physical mail solicitations to prevent consumer confusion.

Under SB 1096, all mail solicitations must feature a disclosure on the envelope stating it is a solicitation and that recipients are not obligated to make payments or take any action. This measure aims to protect consumers, particularly seniors, from deceptive mail that mimics bills or official state correspondence.

“This bill is an important fix for consumer protection,” Seyarto said. “Mail solicitations often resemble official documents, misleading many, especially our seniors, into making unnecessary payments.”

The legislation, which passed the Senate and Assembly without opposition, requires the disclosure statement to be printed in at least 16-point bold type on the envelope’s front. This initiative is part of the broader Consumers Legal Remedies Act, which prohibits unfair or deceptive acts in transactions involving goods or services. The new law is designed to enhance transparency and protect consumers from deceptive marketing practices, ensuring they can easily identify solicitations and avoid potential scams.