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Faltering With Fatigue: Two Hikers Rescued In Calaveras County

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Glenco, CA – Two hikers camping along the North Fork of the Mokelumne River in the Glenco area had to be rescued this week.

On Tuesday, June 4, around 7:30 p.m., a hiker called the Calaveras County Sheriff’s dispatch after his friend suffered fatigue and muscle failure while walking out of a steep canyon in the Glenco area. Calaveras County’s volunteer Search and Rescue Team was called in, and they found the hikers near the North Fork of the Mokelumne River. After a medical assessment, the hikers, ages 18 and 19, were given water and food. Then it was decided the rescuers and hikers would wait until morning to be safely flown from the area.

After a three-quarters-mile trek to an open area, the CHP helicopter flew them out to C. B. Hobbs Baseball Field in Mokelumne Hill. Both hikers were given an after-action interview, according to sheriff’s officials. It revealed that they overestimated their abilities and underestimated the difficulty of hiking out of the canyon.

“Hiking is an excellent way to stay connected with nature and remain physically active, but it is crucial to know your limits to ensure safety,” said sheriff’s officials, adding, “Factors such as weather conditions, terrain, and elevation can impact the difficulty of the hike. Staying hydrated, packing enough food, and carrying essential equipment like maps, first-aid kits, and emergency supplies can help minimize risks and maximize enjoyment of nature and outdoor adventures.”

  • Hiker being rescued by CHP helicopter -- CCSO photo
  • CHP helicopter landing in Mokelumne Hill baseball field -- CCSO photo