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California Lawmakers Look To Put Warning Labels On Gas Stoves

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Sacramento, CA — The State of California may start requiring warning labels to be put on new gas stoves stating that they have been linked to respiratory illnesses.

Assembly Bill 2513 passed in the Assembly on Monday and it now moves to the Senate for consideration. It would require warning labels on gas stoves or ranges purchased online starting in 2024 and for those bought in stores in 2025.

Since the 1980s, California has required labels on gas stoves and other products if they expose people to known chemicals that can cause cancer or birth defects, and this measure takes it a step further to include respiratory illnesses.

Several Democrats in the Assembly argued that chemicals released from gas stoves worsen symptoms of conditions like asthma, while some Republicans stated that the warning labels are an overreach of government. It was approved 57-14 in the Assembly, with local Republicans Heath Flora and Jim Patterson in opposition.