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Proposal To End ‘Secret Placement’ Of Sexual Offenders

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Sacramento, CA — A proposed new law in California would prevent people who commit violent sexual offenses, and are diagnosed with a mental disorder, from being placed in unsuspecting neighborhoods.

Currently, if a court orders a conditional release, the state allows its vendor, Liberty Healthcare, the freedom to house sexually violent predators in homes across the state. Senate Bill 1074 would prevent the placement of offenders into a family-friendly neighborhood. It is authored by Republican Senate Minority Leader Brian Jones along with several co-authors, including Democrat Marie Alvarado-Gil who represents the Mother Lode.

Alvarado-Gil says, “As a state legislator dedicated to the safety and well-being of my district and California as a whole, I stand firmly in support of SB 1074. This bill not only prioritizes public safety as the paramount concern in deciding the placement of Sexually Violent Predators – it also ensures accountability by mandating the Department of State Hospitals’ approval before any placement occurs. We cannot allow secrecy to jeopardize the safety of our neighborhoods. SB 1074 is a vital step towards transparency and responsible governance.”

This week the bill passed unanimously in the Senate Public Safety Committee, 4-0, and the authors are hoping that it will go before the full Assembly and Senate later this session.