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CA Bill Aims To Restrict Use Of Facial Recognition Technology

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Sacramento, CA — Several lawmakers in California have vowed that regulation of Artificial Intelligence will be a major topic during this year’s legislative session.

One of the early proposals has just been announced, a bill that would set parameters on the use of Facial Recognition Technology (FRT). Assembly Bill 1814 would prohibit law enforcement agencies from proceeding with a search, arrest, or affidavit for a warrant based solely on a FRT match.

The bill’s author, Democrat Phil Ting of San Francisco, argues, “While facial recognition technology can be helpful in solving cases, one person arrested from an incorrect match is one too many. By requiring additional evidence, we can help protect people’s privacy and due process rights.”

Ting previously pushed through legislation that temporarily barred investigators from using FRT over the past three years, but it expired at the first of January, so there are no current rules in place.

Ting says that four other states have imposed limits on FRT, Maine, Vermont, Virginia and Washington.

Proponents of FRT note that the technology gives law enforcement additional tools to combat crime.