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McClintock Explains Opposition To GOP Speaker’s Plan To Avoid Shutdown

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Washington, DC — A plan authored by new Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson to fund the government through early next year, to avoid a shutdown, was opposed by Mother Lode Republican Congressman Tom McClintock.

The measure passed in the US House on Tuesday, 336-95. It required a 2/3 vote. 209 Democrats voted in favor, along with 127 Republicans. There were 93 Republicans opposed and two Democrats.

The plan will keep the government spending at 2023 levels until late January for departments including HUD, Veterans Affairs, Transportation, and Energy. The other portions of the government will be funded through February 2. Johnson has called for more spending cuts ahead of the next deadline.

Explaining his vote in opposition, Congressman McClintock says, “This CR (Continuing Resolution) has no spending reductions, no border security, extends the Pelosi spending binge for another three months and extends the farm bill for a full year, precluding any reforms to the bloated food stamp program. We have met the big spenders, and they is us.”

The Continuing Resolution now moves to the Senate where it is expected to pass.