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$3 Million For Housing Infrastructure Improvements In Jamestown

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Jamestown, CA — State funding will allow the expansion of the Jamestown Sanitary District sewer system, wastewater treatment facility improvements, and construction of a Valley Vista water storage tank.

The $3.08 million grant awarded from the California Housing and Community Development Department is intended to strengthen infrastructure to encourage infill housing for all affordability levels.

The grant application was a collaborative effort between the Tuolumne County Community Development Department and the Jamestown Sanitary District.

The state funding is seen as a critical investment for the housing sector in Jamestown, where a lack of sewer system capacity has limited residential development.

District Five Supervisor, Jaron Brandon, who represents Jamestown, says, “You can’t build what you can’t pipe. We are restarting the housing sector, and Jamestown is one of the best places to build, if not the best. This grant is a major step towards collaboration and future development.”

The Tuolumne County Community Development Department reports that it is also working to streamline the housing development process, update relevant ordinance codes, and pursue “pro-housing” policies.

In announcing the grant award, the county indicates that the goal is to prepare for growth and prosperity while retaining the community’s recognizable character. Noting, “The planned infrastructure investments include upgrading the Jamestown Sanitary District’s force main at their new facility on Karlee Lane. The increased capacity will facilitate residential development in areas already designated for housing in the Tuolumne County General Plan. The grant award is one step in a multi-phase effort to enhance the overall capacity of Jamestown Sanitary District operations.”