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Sonora Wildcats Overtake Summerville Bears

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The much-anticipated cross-county rivalry ended in a lopsided 42-0 victory for the Sonora Wildcats. The Summerville Bears and Sonora Wildcats both entered the game with only one loss. This was also the final regular-season game for the Wildcats in the Motherlode League before their move to the Trans Valley League next season.

The Summerville Bears won the coin toss and deferred to the Wildcats, who received the ball and marched steadily down the field. #5 Adam Curnow scored the first points of the game with a QB keeper from the 2-yard line. After the score, the Wildcats kicked the ball to the Bears, who had a very frustrating evening on an offense led by #3 Bryce Leveroos. Bears QB Leveroos was forced out of the pocket on many plays, and the offense struggled to gain yards running between the tackles. The Wildcats turned to a more pass-heavy offense that saw #2 Brody Speer and #14 Bryce Nicholson both score touchdowns before the half. The Bears tried to find some success getting the ball to #2 Auston Hike and #1 Tristan Barajas but were kept out of Wildcats territory until the final moments of the first half, when a half-back pass from Barajas moved the Bears into scoring territory. With time running out, Lerveroos was forced out of the pocket and made a running throw for the end zone that was ruled incomplete, ending the first half with the Wildcats up 28-0.

The Bears received the ball to open the second half and returned to a run-heavy offense that continued to struggle to convert first downs. After a turnover on downs, the Wildcats launched a 45-yard deep ball to #14 Nicholson, followed by a pitch to Nicholson, who fought his way into the end zone for a touchdown. The Bears, on offense, moved into a formation with two tight ends and began to gain some first downs with runs by #44 Nicolas Rodgers and several Wildcat penalties, but were ultimately unable to create points from the field position. A fourth-down fumble gave the Wildcats the ball again, and #2 Speer returned it for a second touchdown of the night with a catch in the corner of the endzone. Bringing the score to 42-0 for the game and initiating the running clock for the fourth quarter.

This closes out the regular season for both teams, although they may meet again during the Division VI playoffs. The seeding for playoff football is expected to be announced this Tuesday.

The Black Oak Casino player of the game for the Summerville Bears was #44 Nicolas Rodgers for his excellent offensive running.

The Chicken Ranch Casino Player of the Game for the Sonora Wildcats was #5 Adam Curnow for his efforts at quarterback.

  • Sonora beats Summerville For Motherlode League Championship -- Photo taken by Tom Nankival

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