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Update: Call Out To Public Brings Results In Bizarre Assault Story

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Update at 5 p.m.:  Possible charges are pending in an incident that involved two elderly men wielding walking canes as swords akin to a scene straight out of a Robin Hood movie.

The incident happened yesterday just before 12:30 p.m. at the Mobil Gas Station on Vista Del Lago Drive in Valley Springs. As reported below, CHP officers initially responded to the scene for a report of an assault with a deadly weapon but the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Deputies took over the case.

Capt. Jim Macedo wryly reports the two men in their 60’s who were strangers got into an argument after one man became irritated, accusing the other man of taking too long at the pump. That lead to name calling and not your ordinary fight as Capt. Macedo explains, “Both parties were actually using canes to strike one another, walking type canes. It’s unusual to have two subjects fighting with canes; they were sword fighting with canes.” He states they were able to identify one the subject as he called to report that he was assaulted with a cane. The man is claiming that he has injuries including abrasions and a potential broken bone. Capt. Macedo indicates that the other man has possibly been identified and deputies are following up on the public’s tips.

No one has been charged and until the case is wrapped up no names are being released. However, Capt. Macedo admits that one of the subjects is no stranger to law enforcement.

Original post at 2:20 p.m.: Valley Springs, CA – The San Andreas Unit of the CHP had asked for the public’s help to identify a person of interest possibly involved in a weapons assault and the public responded.

The incident happened yesterday just before 12:30 p.m. at the Mobil Gas Station on Vista Del Lago Drive in Valley Springs. Officers responded to a report of an assault with a deadly weapon. Upon arrival officers had identified a possible individual involved but did not know their name. Pictures of the man and his vehicle, which can be seen in the image box, were posted along with these descriptions: a white male, 5’ 11” to 6’0” tall with gray hair, in his 60’s driving a newer white Jeep, possibly a Renegade. The public was asked to call with any tips.

Today the CHP reports that those tips paid off and they were able to identify the person of interest and the vehicle. However, that information is not being released as well as further details on the assault and whether the person has been questioned or arrested as they tell Clarke Broadcasting the case has been taken over by the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office. A call to the Sheriff’s office has gone unanswered at this time. We’ll bring you more details as soon as they come into the newsroom.

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