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Sheriff Calls On Community To Aid Rural Crimes Task Force

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San Andreas, CA — Focusing efforts on reducing rural crimes in Calaveras County, Sheriff Rick DiBasilio has appointed a dedicated head to a special prevention task force.

According to the sheriff, the Rural Crimes Prevention Task Force under the supervision of Sgt. Greg Stark is assigned the mission of protecting people and property while developing and enforcing solutions to crimes like theft of livestock, heavy equipment, metal and produce as well as animal fighting and trespassing on privately owned lands.

“The task force is committed to making our individuals, businesses and their property safer and…will work closely with community groups such as the Calaveras County Farm Bureau, the Cattlemen’s Association, and Neighborhood Watch groups throughout the county,” the sheriff explains.

As information gathering and sharing is a key component to the program’s success, Sheriff DiBasilio encourages citizens to report any and all suspicious activity to his office. “Far too often, citizens dismiss minor rural criminal activity by assuming that the department should not be bothered with trivial issues — those issues may be very relevant — the task force depends on you as a partner in our community orientated policing concept,” he emphasizes.

Those with questions and/or concerns are encouraged to contact Sgt. Stark at 209 754-6500 or 754-6783.

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